Voter’s Edge California

votersedge-california-square-100-@2xYou’re running out the door to an appointment when a neighbor, knowing that you are a member of the League and therefore must be an expert in all things Election, asks you to tell her all about the propositions on the June 7 primary ballot.

What do you do?
Tell her to visit Voter’s Edge California,

The League’s old Smart Voter has undergone a transformation: it is now called Voter’s Edge CA, and it is a partnership between the League and a nonprofit devoted to transparency in politics, You may have seen an early version of Voter’s Edge CA in 2014, but MapLight and the California League have been working for the past two years to upgrade and refine the Web site. 2016 is the year of its real debut.

Starting in early May, you will be able to send people to to find whatever they want to know about candidates, races, and ballot measures. (You can even bone up on the election yourself, and nobody the wiser.) Users are asked to enter their zip code and street address to access information about everything that will appear on their ballot, as well as the location of their polling place and whatever else the eager voter might need.

As before, with Smart Voter, the League will ask candidates (starting about the middle of April) to post information about their goals and experience as well as links to their campaign Web site and how to contact them. Their data is vetted by the League to make sure it is positive and meets the League’s minimum criteria (no insults against opponents here)

The League will post supplemental materials that include dates and times of candidate forums, links to forum videos, news coverage, and other pertinent data. For the ballot measures, the text as well as arguments by opponents and proponents, the League’s Pros & Cons, the number of votes needed to pass, and so on all will be available on Voter’s Edge CA.

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