Voter Turnout and Our League

Voter turnout in 2014 was embarrassingly low across the country – and only 45% of registered voters in Alameda County. The LWVBAE Voters Services Team is already meeting the first Monday of every month to work on boosting voter turnout.

Same Day Voter Registration (SDRV) is one of the few efforts that boosts voting by 10-12% according to research gathered by the Voter Services Team from relevant websites and “California Votes”, a postmortem on the 2014 election sponsored by UC Berkeley’s Institute for Governmental Studies and “Future of California Elections”, organized by a coalition of good government groups including LWVC. (Exciting races boost turnout too.)

Unfortunately, SDRV cannot occur in California until June 2016 when a statewide database of voters, VoteCal, should be in place. In the interim, our team is organizing publicity and targeting outreach towards low-turnout voter groups.

We need a few of your hours and your ideas and energy each month to help us “save our democracy,” as newly elected Secretary of State Alex Padilla puts it. Volunteer with the Voter Services Team at

Ruby MacDonald for the Voter Services Team

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