Volunteer & Train as a Video Producer for Election 2014

Interested young people, people of all ages, and League members are invited to volunteer as assistant producers for the League Election 2014 programs.  Between approximately August 15 and September 15, we’ll be planning and recording forums for all the contested local elections in Berkeley–and we hope Albany and Emeryville.  Candidates in contested council district races and for school board will be interviewed and recorded at the Berkeley Community Media studio, at Berkeley High School, on MLKing Jr. Way, or at similar facilities in the neighboring cities.  Debates on hot ballot measures may be produced.

Experience in video production is not at all necessary, as we will train and supervise.  Those with some experience in producing, creating, editing video or computer art or related skills are also welcome.

What does the job include?  Planning programs,  sending preliminary invitations to candidates in mid-August and extending firm invitations at end of August. Confirming candidate appearance.  Preparing or helping prepare title, identifying and credit graphics, selecting music for the opening and closing of the program.

At the recording sessions, producers would greet candidates and speakers, get releases signed, provide and review League rules, be present at the tapings and help as necessary.

Volunteers with video editing experience could help create 2 minute spots from each candidates closing statements for posting on the League’s youtube channel and on SmartVoter.org.

Student volunteers could earn internship recognition and letters of recommendation.  Experienced documentary and video producer Nancy Bickel will train and supervise volunteers

To see our Election 2012 2 minute spots and half-hour and hour forums go to  https://www.youtube.com/user/lwvbae

This is one of the 2 minute spots that were produced and broadcast.

Please contact Phyllis Gale at voterservices@lwvbae.org to learn more or volunteer.


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