Governor Rejects SB3, one of our Sunshine in Campaigns measures

Jerry BrownDespite the best lobbying efforts of League members and LWVC and its allies, the Governor sent Senate Bill 3 (SB3) back unsigned to the legislature.  SB3 was a first step toward a new online campaign disclosure system and would have required new online training for campaign committee treasurers. The Governor sent a message to the legislature that this would create too much work and cost for the Fair Campaign Practices Commission. The FCPC is, however, moving ahead with some related reforms.

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If you’d like more background:

Three bills — SB3, SB2, and SB27 — comprise the Sunshine in Campaigns Act, co-sponsored by the League and supported in the legislature.  These bills would make our elections more transparent and voters better informed.

SB 3, if passed, would bring the Cal-ACCESS campaign and lobbying disclosure system into the 21st century. It would:

  • require a feasibility study—the first step in replacing Cal-ACCESS
  • raise the fine for late filing of reports, with the increase going to fund Cal-ACCESS
  • require online training for campaign treasurers

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