The West without Water

The West Without Water_edited-1Join us Monday, May 12, 7:30p to hear the geologic history of our climate and what we might expect in the coming years.  Francis Malamud-Roam, co-author of The West Without Water will speak on the tumultuous climate of the American West over twenty millennia, with tales of past droughts and deluges and predictions about the impacts of future climate change on water resources. Looking at the region’s current water crisis from the perspective of its climate history.  She and her co-author Lynn Ingram ask the central question of what is “normal” climate for the West, and whether the relatively benign climate of the past century will continue into the future.

The authors show that modern civilization may be ill-prepared for the future climate changes that are predicted to beset the region. It is time to face the realities of the past and prepare for a future in which fresh water may be less reliable.

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