The Heath Care Movie Rialto-Elmwood Oct 25, 11 am

Doctors_stethoscope_1THE HEALTH CARE MOVIE, narrated by Kieffer Southerland,
produced and directed by Laurie Simons and Terry Sterrenberg,
will be shown in Berkeley at the Rialto Cinemas Elmwood,
2966 College Ave. at Ashby, Saturday, Oct. 25, at 11 am.
Attendance will be free.

Li-hsia Wang, coordinator of LWVBAE’s Health Care Team, urges people
who are interested and concerned about the state of health care in the US
and about “Obamacare” and its California version, Covered California, to attend.

This high quality film presents a much-needed lesson for U.S. audiences today,
by comparing our health care system with that of Canada, and recounting the
evolution of the two. With editorial even-handedness, it makes two points most
convincingly: (1) While both systems have limitations, Canada’s private, non-
profit, but universal system gives far more health security to the vast majority of
citizens. (2) Canada started out with a system much like ours; their present
success shows how public education can neutralize powerful opposition to true
universal coverage from the for-profit health care sector.

Discussion Session: Seasoned health policy activists will lead a discussion at
the conclusion of the film.

Co-sponsored as an educational public service by The AllCare Alliance and
Lifelong Medical Care

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