The Climate Crisis: Science, Denial, Solutions

HOTThe Climate Crisis looms as the most serious threat to human civilization, according to Peter G. Joseph, M.D. kicking off Environmental Concerns 2013-14 speaker series September 9, 2013.  “How can the public and decision-makers cut through the resistance and denial in order to do what is necessary to avoid dangerous climate change and return the Earth to a safe-climate future?,” Dr. Joseph asked. With atmospheric CO2 topping 400 ppm for the first time in human history, “we need to convince the public that we need to create the political will to change,” he said.

After a 35-year career in Emergency Medicine, Dr. Joseph now devotes his time to educating the public about the looming consequences of climate destabilization, reviews the latest scientific data, and discusses both the technical and political aspects of the climate crisis that he calls humanity’s greatest challenge.  Co-founder of the San Franciscan Bay chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility, Dr. Joseph currently serves as a mentor for northern California presenters in The Climate Reality Project and also as leader of the Marin chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, which advocates a carbon fee and dividend approach as the most effective means of curbing greenhouse gas emissions and averting the worst consequences of the carbon crisis.  Dr. Joseph wishes to continue to work with the League of Women Voters to put a price on carbon as the most immediate and best solution to curbing global warming and the consequent devastating impacts of climate change.   

Gail Schickele, Environmental Concerns Co-Chair

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