Tell Your Representatives to Move Forward on Voting Rights

protect my vote_1There’s finally some good news on the voting rights front in Congress. June 25, on the one year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision that gutted key provisions of the Voting Rights Act, the Senate will hold a hearing on the Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2014 (VRAA). While a hearing in the Senate is a good step forward but there’s still work to be done in the House of Representatives.  Tell your representatives to move forward on voting rights!  

Discrimination at the ballot box is real. This fall Americans across the country will head to the polls for the 2014 elections. While unfortunately there will be some voters that encounter discrimination in November, the problem isn’t complicated. Access to the vote is not about politics; it’s about justice and equality. We must ensure that each and every eligible voter is treated fairly at the ballot box and has an equal right and equal access to vote, we must continue to make our voices heard. 

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