Tell Congress to Restore the Voting Rights Act Now!

Voter Suppression copyTell Congress to Stand with the American People and Restore the VRA
Two years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned a key part of the VRA leading to a full frontal attack on the voting rights of American citizens. Despite public outcry since the Supreme Court’s decision, Congress has ignored widespread voter discrimination and the will of the American people. Every day that Congress fails to repair the VRA, Americans are in danger of increased barriers at the polls. Raise your voice and tell your Representative that now is the time to restore the VRA!


LWV North Carolina Demonstrating Against Restrictive Voting Rights Laws


To read about the League’s work in challenging North Carolina’s restrictive voting laws  click here.


illustration of torn US flag from NY Times magazine

(c) Illustration from NYTimes Magazine


The New York Times’ July 28, 2015 article, “A Dream Undone”  gives a good history of the Voting Rights Act and how the Supreme Court weakened it.


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