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Mon. June 1. It’s too late to mail-in your mail-in ballots–but you can drop them off at any polling place between 7 am and 8 pm on Tuesday, June 2.  There are 2 24-hour drop boxes in downtown Oakland if you need them–at the courthouse and the County Admin Office. Click here for details. And if you decide you want to vote in person–but have received a mail in ballot–be sure to take that ballot and its envelope with you to your assigned polling place.   Enjoy this relatively short ballot–in November we’ll have a doozy! [posted by Nancy Bickel]

Only two state measures Prop 41, Bonds for Veterans’ Housing, and Prop 42, Public Records, and one county measure–Measure AA–Sales Tax for Healthcare Services– are on the June 3 ballot.

We will have some competitive races. But please note one of the candidates for Auditor-Controller/Clerk-Recorder, has been disqualified, so only Steve Manning is an electable candidate.  Kathleen Knox ,” a candidate who pledged to “fight waste and fraud” as Alameda County’s next auditor-controller has withdrawn from the race after being charged with six felony counts for allegedly lying on campaign papers about where she lives,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Eight candidates are running for our Assembly District 15, now that Nancy Skinner is termed out. Five candidates are vying for County Superintendent of Education, as long-time Super Sheila Jordan retires. Leaguers with long memories will be interested to know that Audie Bock, daughter of active League member of long ago Felicia Bock, is running in a neighboring district, the 10th State Senate District.

The State Pros & Cons are available–just click  2014June-ProsCons. The Easy Voter Guide is also available, click  Easy-Voter-Guide-june-2014.  The Guide is also available for download on the website is Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean.

Pro & Con Videos in English and Spanish. LWVC & California Channel have produced short  videos on CA Proposition 41   and  CA Proposition 42. 
The same videos with Spanish subtitles about Propositions 41 and 42 can be found at and

The Pros & Cons for Alameda County Measure AA–Sales Tax for Healthcare Services–is now posted. Click  Alameda-Cnty-Meas-AA-Pros&Cons.

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