Forum “Water: California’s Gold”

waterfall I took away two messages from the Bay Area League’s excellent Forum on CA water issues and politics Saturday, Feb. 2. The first–too much planning based on how much water competing interests want and too little planning based on how much water we’re likely to get in future, given global warming, increasingly extreme weather events and more.  The second–although CA policy now says environmental needs and water supply reliability are equally important and must be balanced in policies and actions, an actual settlement among competing parties still seems uncertain. Among the questions: will two huge tunnels taking Delta water around the Delta and to the South be built? Which of the many  competing interests–S. CA vs N. CA, big industrial farmers and water providers in Westlands and San Joaquin and L.A.,   environmental protectors,  farmers,  fisherman, cities,   rural areas, etc–is actually “winning” is much disputed. The meeting was a thorough introduction to the complicated issues of water management and politics in CA. Slides of the talks and eventually videos will be posted at the LWV Bay Area website–watch for them.  –Nancy Bickel

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