Bill Chapman on Common Core & Social Studies Tues May 19, 12:15 pm

BillThe May 19 “Conversation with the League” features Bill Chapman presenting “SayWhat?!  Language, History and the Common Core”.  In his talk, Bill, a League member and former U.S. History teacher, will explain how social studies instruction will likely change in the era of Common Core State Standards.  He will give examples from U.S. History, and tell why this will probably be a very good thing.

Those attending will also get to participate in a short U.S. History activity aligned with a Common Core standard.  Bill was invited to make a similar presentation recently at a conference of the California Council for the Social Studies.  He is currently writing a book on critical thinking, for use by secondary US History teachers and students, and all interested others.

Join us May 19, 12:15-2:00p at the Edith Stone Room, Albany Public Library.  The talk is presented jointly by LWVBAE and the Albany Public Library.

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