Save Water with Albany!

WaterOn Sunday May 17th, Albany will kick off a citywide conservation effort with a special event focused on water, Every Drop Counts, sponsored by the Albany Carbon Reduction Action Team (ACRAT).

The program is scheduled for 4 – 6 pm on the new patio at Sam’s Log Cabin, 945 San Pablo Avenue in Albany. It features a dynamic climate action keynote speaker, Trathen Heckman, founder of Petaluma’s very successful Daily Acts, EBMUD representatives, and a variety of water conservation resources. Equally important, it all takes place in a lovely setting with great food!

Resource stations and subject matter experts will be available to provide details on low water landscaping, water conservation tips, greywater systems and rainwater catchment, EBMUD incentive and rebate information, along with conservation items.

Join in and walk away inspired and equipped with the tools necessary to begin enhancing your water conservation efforts immediately.

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