Redefine Reinvent Relate

At the February board meeting LWVBAE Membership Growth Consultant Adena Ishii presented her vision on membership through the words: redefine, reinvent, and relate. She outlined how she wanted to “redefine” the way we think of membership by recognizing that membership is part of everything we do as an organization and involves everyone.

Ishii wants to “reinvent” the League by adjusting outdated membership materials, creating a membership committee, adjusting the dues structure, and creating systems to track and engage new and current members. She also discussed upgrading antiquated systems, surveying members, and making events more action-oriented and accessible to diverse audiences.

Ishii’s goal is to help the League “relate” itself to the community and become more relevant in everyday life. Ishii argued that people see the League as disconnected from youth and communities of color and inaccessible to people who have full time jobs: “The League needs to grow and adjust, so that we can engage working professionals, parents, and people with diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and abilities. Democracy is about including everyone in the process, and we need to do a better job of reflecting the people who live in Berkeley, Albany, and Emeryville,” she said.

At the March board meeting, a draft of the new pamphlet was presented, along with a proposed dues structure. A survey for current members also was to be presented, completed and dispersed by April 21st through social media and our weekly email blast. Ishii also announced that she plans to hold trainings on technology and “How to Recruit Members” as well as Membership Socials for potential, new, and current members to learn more about what the League does as an organization, connect, and build community. Please look for these Membership Socials on our email blasts and social media.

Connect to the LWVBAE through Facebook, Twitter, Meetup (see details below). We are looking to grow our online presence. Please contact Adena Ishii online at or call her at 818-620-5821 if you are interested in joining the membership committee, have contact information for new potential members, or have feedback on membership.

Adena-Ishii2Adena Ishii: or 818-620-5821




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