Prop 13 Reform Celebration – July 7

'Make' It Fair logoMake It Fair is a movement to reform Proposition 13 in order to continue to protect homeowners, while providing for large corporations to pay a larger share of property taxes.

The League of Women Voters of California is a major co-sponsor of Make it Fair, so we Leaguers will be part of the effort to reform the unfair provisions of Proposition 13.

Make it Fair seeks to make California’s tax code fair to all by phasing out loopholes in Prop. 13 that have allowed a handful of giant corporations and wealthy commercial property owners to dramatically lower their obligations to California’s families.

The goals are simple: make commercial property taxes fair by reassessing commercial and industrial property at fair market value so that California  raises the revenue we need to fully fund our schools and community colleges, strengthen public safety and affordable housing, fix our roads, build transit, offer small businesses tax relief, keep parks and libraries open and maintain other vital services.

Since the passage of Prop. 13 the tax burden has been shifting away from giant corporations and wealthy commercial property owners to middle class homeowners and renters. The proposed  reform will reverse this trend and raise billions to help rebuild California. We will also:

  • Fully, 100% protect homeowners, renters and owners of agricultural land,
  • Provide tax relief for small businesses, and
  • Include tough transparency and accountability measures so that everyone can see how any additional funds are spent.

Make it Fair in cooperation with Mobilize the Immigrant Vote  has scheduled a family Art Fair followed by a press conference:
Tuesday, July 7
9:45 am – noon
Lakeview Library, 550 El Embarcadero, Oakland

To show the League’s support for these goals and to increase our involvement in the community, President Nancy Bickel invites you to join her at this event.  Wear your League of Women Voters Button!  To arrange carpooling and rsvp, contact

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