Prepare for Annual Program Planning– Jan 20 noon

Logo boxAt our annual program planning meeting at noon on January 20, we’ll set our education and advocacy priorities. We’ll discuss priorities for Berkeley-Albany-Emeryville and the California League.  Come join us at the Albany Public Library’s Edith Stone Room, from noon to 2:00 to help us make these decisions.

Annual Program Planning meetings in every League give members  the opportunity to bring their ideas and discuss them with League colleagues.  In alternating years, they discuss National or State League programming.
Is there a policy area where you think the League should be active but we have never studied it?  Or perhaps our position is out-of-date.  What local or state issues do you think we should study?  If you feel strongly about an issue, spend some time preparing a brief and persuasive proposal.

The State Convention will be held on San Diego May 15-17, so we need to look over our existing state positions. Delegates to the LWVC Convention will vote not only on “issues for emphasis”, but also on:  retention, update and deletion of positions; proposed studies, and the budget for these activities.

Review Proposals & League Positions

Thanks to our League colleagues and, in particular, to and the League of Women Voters of Los Altos-Mountain View Area, we know of 3 proposals for state studies that California Leagues are circulating.

Proposed State Studies

One is our own proposal to raise and maintain a living wage. Please read all about it programplanning-livingwage. This proposal continues our effort to get LWVUS to adopt a position on minimum and/or living wage.

The San Diego League proposes a study on Death with Dignity which would enable dying people to ask for assisted suicide, as is possible in Oregon. Read more here: programplanning-deathwithdignity.

Paula Lee of LWV Sacramento and Steve Chessin of the Los Altos-Mountain View Area League propose studying elector\ial methods that can be used to settle voting rights lawsuits.  Read more here:  programplanning-cvra

Emphasis for Action Proposal

Julie Lovins, Los Altos-Mountain View Area LWV  suggests that LWVC support a proposal by a non-profit called Evolve, to reform the Prop. 13 approach to property tax on commercial properties. See  programplanning-prop13

Please review LWVBAE and LWVC Policy Positions

Before you attend our Program Planning Conversation on January 20, please go to the sites below to refresh your recollection of the local LWVBAE and State League positions.

The proposals we send to the State will be available for discussion at Convention in San Diego May 15-17. At LWVC Convention delegates  vote  on adoptions of new studies, retention, update and deletion of positions, “issues for emphasis”, and the budget for these activities.


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