Vote with the League: Plastic Bag Limits: Vote Yes on Prop 67; No on 65

HelenHutchison - colorHere is the truth: single-use plastic bags are a disaster. And now, in addition to wreaking havoc on our environment, they are also complicating the lives of California voters.

This November voters will weigh in on two competing state propositions—both put on the ballot by out-of-state plastics manufacturers spending millions to thwart California’s efforts to rein in waste and pollution.

Vote with the League and help spread the word: YES on 67 and NO on 65.

Vote YES on Proposition 67 to protect California’s plastic bag ban. Never degrading and hard to recycle, plastic bags kill our wildlife and destroy our oceans. Environmental organizations, public officials, and businesses across the state all agree: vote YES on 67 for a cleaner California.

Vote NO on Proposition 65.This deliberately deceptive measure is the plastics industry’s attempt to distract voters. They wrote Prop 65 to seem like an environmental measure, but that’s just a smokescreen. Environmentalists oppose 65.

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Helen Hutchison
President, League of Women Voters of CA

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