Our League’s Direction

At our January 20 Program Planning meeting 19 members agreed on the following: the three top state priorities for advocacy should be Climate Change, Health Care, and a “Close the Loophole” resolution. Our local priorities should continue to be Education and Climate Change.

LWVC Study and Advocacy

We recommend that Climate Change continue to be the highest priority for state advocacy and public education and that the name of the group of policy issues related to climate change be changed to Natural Resources/Climate Change to emphasize the relevance of all the natural resources positions to this major issues.

Health Care is our second ranked issue for advocacy and education.  Li-hsia Wang, who chairs the state and LWVBAE’s Health Care Committees, reports we’ll need to take more action this year. Our third choice priority, recommended by Julie Lovins, Los Altos-Mountain View Area LWV, was the “close the Loophole” resolution proposed by a non-profit group called Evolve. This resolution proposes reforming the tax of commercial properties originally set up by proposition 13. It would create a “split roll” for taxes, with commercial properties getting larger increases than residential properties.

Thanks to an unexpected decision by the LWVUS Board of Directors, our initial first proposal for a state study—Raising and Maintaining a Livable or Living Wage—is now moot. See story to right on this page.

We support a proposed study from the LWV San Diego on “Death with Dignity” and recommend that all current State League policy positions be retained.

Local Advocacy and Studies

Climate Change and Education will continue as our highest priorities for advocacy and public education in the 2015-2016 program year.

At the request of Carol Stone and the study committee, whose work was interrupted by the election, the group recommends that the “Local Boards and Commissions Study” continue for an additional two years, with the proviso that the Study Committee bring to the April 2015 LWVBAE Board meeting the study scope, questions, and timeline for review and approval.

The group recommends keeping all current local policy positions. One small change in the text will now identify the local community college by its current name, Berkeley City College, rather than as Vista College. The group recommended that LWVBAE start to track and record the use of local positions in our advocacy and education, so that we will have some sense of which are currently useful.

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