Onward to the 2016 November Elections!

We need your help in researching, analyzing and describing upcoming local ballot measures

It’s not too soon to begin preparing our local voter information and recommendations for the 2016 November election. Our city councils and school boards are in the process now of discussing what measures to put before the voters in November, a process that includes tax rate comparisons, community surveys and voter polling. There will most likely be tax renewals, perhaps a new bond measure for capital improvements, and charter amendments that address fair elections and representation.

These decisions will be made and confirmed for the ballot this summer before the governing bodies go on recess. That is when we, members of the League, jump into action. We will have a few short weeks to research issues, develop background information, write pros and cons for our voter guides AND convene our membership to decide which issues we support, oppose or take no position on.

Voters in all our communities depend upon the League’s election information, careful analysis and opinions to inform them and guide them through the election. It may be one of the most visible and appreciated activities we do.

We need your help tracking the issues in Berkeley, Albany or Emeryville. Ballot measure analysis includes: interviewing advocates from differing perspectives; writing balanced analyses and fair, nonpartisan “pro and con” positions for each measure. Each ballot measure write-up will be used in two ways:
for Action: to help members and board decide whether to support, oppose or take no position on each measure
for Voter Services: to publish in our “Busy Voters Guide” and our website in a brief Busy Voters Guide format and possibly more detailed Pros & Cons format.

If you are interested, contact Jill Martinucci at actionjill@lwvbae.org or Phyllis Gale at voterservices@lwvbae.org.

Jill Martinucci & Diz Swift, Action Co-Coordinators; Phyllis Gale, Voter Services Coordinator

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