No Voter Should Be Turned Away From the Polls.

From time to time, it is circumstances are such that you may have to vote using a provisional ballot.  There folklore about eligible voters not being able to vote at a poll because a regular ballot cannot be used in some circumstances .  We just became aware that on October 6, 2016  California Secretary of State’s Election Division provided guidance to California’s County Registrar of Voters for be given to all Poll Workers regarding Provisional Ballots that outlines when to use provisional ballots:

A voter should never be turned away from the polls. “A voter always has the right to cast a ballot, although scenarios will arise where a voter may not be able to cast a regular ballot and he or she will be required to vote a provisional ballot.  A provisional ballot is used when:

• A voter’s name does not appear on any of the roster lists provided.

• A voter is at the wrong precinct, but still wants to vote at this polling site.

• A vote-by-mail voter wants to vote at this precinct, but cannot surrender his or her complete vote-by-mail ballot, which includes the vote-by-mail return envelope/ID envelope and all of the ballot cards.

• A voter’s name or address is different than that listed on the roster lists. CCROV # 16310 October 5, 2016 Page 2

• A voter with “Proof of Residence Required” next to his or her name in the roster is unable to provide proof of residence. NOTE: The “Proof of Residence” requirement can be satisfied with over 30 acceptable documents listed in your poll worker handbook. A photo ID is acceptable, but is not required to satisfy proof of residence.

• A voter is challenged and the challenge is not resolved in his or her favor. ”

Excerpted from the County Clerk / Registrar of Voters (CC/ROV) Memorandum #16310
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–Submitted by Phyllis Gale, Voter Services

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