The 2016-17 LWVBAE Board


Until N20160705_201154ovember 2016 the election is dominating the work of the board. Phyllis Gale, Voter Services Coordinator, and Diz Swift, Action [ie Advocacy] Coordinator, continue their work from their service on the previous board.  Teams  researched each of the local ballot measures. Their work was presented to League members at a special League-only meeting on July 20, at Northbrae Community Church. After hearing presentations on each local measure and on the relevant League policy positions that apply to each, members  discussed each measure and then voted on whether the League should support, oppose, remain neutral or take no position on that measure.  Their recommendations went to the Board which made the final decisions on the LWVBAE positions on local ballot measures on August 1.

The LWVBAE has decided to strongly support 3 Berkeley ballot measures:

  1.  BSEP Parcel Tax
  2. Berkeley Infrastructure and Facilities Bond
  3. Berkeley Citizens’ Redistricting Commission

After that meeting, the work of the Voter Services and Action Teams will diverge, with the Voter Services Team preparing balanced non-partisan publications and meetings about issues and candidates. The Action Team will campaign to support League positions on both local and state ballot measures.  League members are cordially invited to join either team.


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