LWVC President Report from National Convention

Helen Hutchison at podium nat convention 2016 This is a special edition of the LWVC Leaders Update to provide information on the LWVUS Convention, held in Washington DC June 16-19, 2016 from Helen Hutchison, LWVC President.

I spent four days in June in DC talking with Leaguers from all over our country. I left feeling inspired to continue our fight for voting rights and educating Californians about elections and government. Congratulations to the first Californian elected as LWVUS President, Chris Carson of LWV Glendale Burbank!

Here are a few pictures—one from our Lobby Day visit with Sen. Feinstein’s staff, and one from the plenary session.

Note to photo below: Helen is in red scarf at center; in blue on right is LWVBAE Membership Growth Consultant, Adena Ishii; further right is LWVBAE Secretary Christine Wenrich. Both were LWVBAE delegates to National Convention, along with LWVBAE current President Deborah Wenrich, VP and Action Coordinator Diz Swift, Voter Editor Gail Schickele.

Helen Hutchison, Adena Ishii, Christine Wenrich at national convention 2016

Local League leaders will be especially interested in the bylaws amendments (which will require that we all update our bylaws) and the information on media relations in the upcoming election season.

Convention Summary

At the LWVUS Convention, delegates:

Adopted the national program for 2016-2018, Campaign for Making Democracy Work, as proposed

Adopted a bylaws amendment that removed the citizenship requirement for League membership

Adopted a modified bylaws amendment that, instead of removing the age requirement for League membership as proposed, reduced the age requirement to 16 years old

Adopted the proposed LWVUS budget

Elected a new president and board of directors

Approved six resolutions: two on gun safety, one on statehood for the District of Columbia, and three on climate change

In addition to the work of the convention, we heard from some excellent speakers, including our new leaders, Executive Director Wylecia Wiggs Harris and President Chris Carson. You can see videos of these here.

Read more about Convention.

New Leadership at the LWVUS

The convention was the first chance for League members to meet and talk with the new LWVUS Executive Director, Wylecia Wiggs Harris. You can read her speech to the convention here, and see a video here. Her speech was a kickoff for a year of discussions about what we—the League of Women Voters—are going to do to be able to thrive in the next 100 years.

Special California congratulations to newly elected LWVUS President Chris Carson of LWV Glendale Burbank, who continued the theme of growth and change. The text of her speech is here, and a video here.

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