LWVC Convention: 2015-17 Plans and People

HelenHutchison - colorDelegates voted for many important changes but carried out the 2015 Convention’s business so efficiently and cheerfully that the convention ended at lunch on Sunday. No afternoon session was needed.

Two-year fiscal budget: Changes to the By-laws permitted adoption of a two year fiscal year and budget. Convention delegates only vote on the LWVC budget; the LWVC Education Fund budget is adopted by the LWVCEF board, which is made up of the members of the LWVC board. The combined budget for both organizations will be $987,734 for 2015-16 and $1,012,270 for 2016-17. The PMP increase–see below–will give LWVC the flexibility to seize unexpected or new opportunities, according to comments by Helen Hutchison, President, and other board members.

PMP Increase: The adopted budget includes an increase in the PMP (Per Member Payment) of $2.50 in each fiscal year, which will increase the PMP to $25.50 in FY2015-2016. This increase is the first proposed increase since FY2010-2011. The proposed increase will ensure the LWVC has sufficient resources to support local Leagues in all areas including Leadership and Development.  The $5 increase over two years does not require that local leagues raise their own dues, but some may find they need to do so to cover their PMP to both LWVUS and LWVC.

Top Issues for Education and Advocacy for 2015-17: The Board recommended and the Delegates agreed to adopt as Issues for Education and Advocacy for 2015-2017:  1. Money in Politics 2. Protecting California’s Environment 3. Election Reform and Voting Rights  4. Minimum/Living Wage. However, the title of priority 2 was changed to Climate, Sustainable Water, and Protecting the Environment–following campaigning by LWVBAE’s Climate Change Team and many other leagues.

Top LWVUS Legislative Priorities for 2015 are Voting Rights and Election Administration and Money in Politics, Climate and Environmental Protection, Immigration, and Health Care (including Reproductive Choice) as  second tier issues. Thus, LWVC expects opportunities for synergy between federal and state/local League work.

California Legislative Priorities 2015–selected earlier by the LWVC Board
State and Local Finances/State Budget
o Support equitable and adequate generation and distribution of tax revenues
o Support restoration of funding for selected government programs while also advocating for the need for healthy reserves
Election Administration and Voting Rights
o Support measures to improve election administration and Californians’ voting experience and access to voter registration
o Support extension of the protections of the state and federal voting rights acts
In Addition, As a Second Tier of Focus:
o Education – Issues include early childhood education and education finance, including repeal of the cap on local district reserves
o Environmental protection and sustainable management of natural resources
– Issues include water, climate change, and the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)
o Money in politics – Issues include rebuilding the Cal-Access online campaign and lobbying disclosure system and stronger campaign disclosure requirements
Other Legislative Issues, As Time and Resources Permit
o Support requests from local Leagues and inter-League organizations (ILOs) for advocacy on bills of specific interest to their jurisdictions
o Take action as appropriate on other core issues: Redistricting, Initiative and Referendum Process, and Reproductive Choices
o Consider Program Director recommendations for action on the highest priority bills in their program areas.

State Leaders Elected:
Helen Hutchison, LWV Oakland, was re-elected as President

First Vice President Martha Cox LWV North County San Diego
Second Vice President for Advocacy/Program Joanne Leavitt LWV Santa Monica
Secretary Caroline de Llamas LWV East San Gabriel Valley
Treasurer Jacquie Canfield LWV Fresno
Jeanne Brown LWV San Diego
Sarah Diefendorf LWV Oakland
Christina Dragonetti LWV San Francisco
Carol Moon Goldberg LWV Sacramento County
Patricia “Trish” Halsey-Munroe LWV North County San Diego
Gloria Chun-Hoo LWV San Jose/Santa Clara
Susan Morris Wilson LWV Redding Area
Nominating Committee
Kathy Souza LWV Placer County Chair
Roberta “Robbie” Davis LWV Pasadena Area
Ann Havlik LWV San Luis Obispo County

Full details on all these developments and more–as well as descriptions of the many outstanding speakers–may be found in lwvc-2015-convention-workbook.

To learn more about LWVBAE activity at convention, go here.


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