LWVBAE Slate of Officers & Board Elected for 2015-16

The Nominees proposed by LWVBAE Nominating Committee 2014-15   for the three officers and six elected directors to serve for the 2015-16 League year [July-June] were elected by the members at the Annual Meeting on May 28. Of the eight current officers and board members, four were nominated to continue. One of the four, Barb Singleton, has just resigned due to the pressure of her work.

The LWVBAE Nominating Committee 2014-15 was chaired by Jane Coulter, assisted by Regina Beatus, Angharad Jones, and Phyllis Gale.

The newly elected Nominating Committee for 2015-16 will be chaired by Regina Beatus.  Angharad Jones and Pat Day are also proposed for election at the May 28, 2015 Annual Meeting. The 2015-16 Board will appoint two additional members.

Nancy Bickel Nancy Bickel, President

I’m delighted to serve for a third–and last–year with five new or nearly new-comers joining our  board. They will bring fresh ideas to expand our reach and effectiveness throughout our community and in the digital world–where we can engage with so many more people who share our goals–equal rights and equal votes, sunlighting of money in politics, health care for all, limiting global warming and so many more–yet they can’t be with us often in person because they are busy with families and work. I expect we’ll be productive and have fun.


Sarah MiyazakiSarah Miyazaki, Treasurer
I am former Berkeley Unified School District kindergarten teacher and a retired Enrolled Agent who prepared tax returns. Mother of a son who attended Berkeley’s Washington and Longfellow schools and a grandmother of four good looking children, I’m also on the  the YWCA Berkeley/Oakland board and President of the Berkeley Branch of AAUW, a choir member (alto) at Northbrae  Community Church and a former treasurer of the LWV Berkeley Foundation.


Christine Wenrich cuChristine Wenrich, Secretary
What a treat to be elected Secretary! In fitting with my librarian instinct for order, my plan is to record the news and outcomes of entertaining LWV discussions. I will tactfully put in writing the salient details and decisions for future reference. I am grateful to have an opportunity to learn about our democratic political process with the League.


Lessly Wikle Field cuLessly Wikle Field, Director
became a LWV-BAE member at 23 to be an active participant in democracy and to pursue my passion for educating voters.  Now, almost a quarter of a century later, I am excited to have an opportunity to take that passion to a new level.  I look forward to developing and executing new strategies to engage the hearts and minds in the wonders of the League for a wide age range of future members.


Phyllis Gale cuPhyllis Gale, Director
joined the Board as the Voter  Services Coordinator after volunteering with LWVBAE Voter Registration activities for the 2012 Presidential Election.  I  retired from the University of California where I worked for 29+ years supporting research scientists in proposal development and award management.  For the last 10 years I was also a programatic database manager supporting sponsored research.  I worked both on the Berkeley campus and at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. I first registered voters, voted and was a poll watcher while I was a poli sci student at Southern Oregon University.


Deborah MalbecDeborah Malbec, Director
My main claim to fame is my production of the weekly email blast. I have been a member of the Oakland and West Contra Costa County Leagues before relocating to Berkeley.  For the past 2 years I have been active on the Voter’s Services and Communications Teams.    This will be my first service on the Board for the League, although in the past I served as Vice President of the Half Moon Bay AAUW.


Jill Marinucci cu 2015Jill Marinucci Director
Returning to the League after a several-year hiatus, I look forward to working on local environmental issues – housing, development, transportation – through the League’s emphasis on voter engagement.  The League has traditionally been a trusted and fair voice on our community, particularly during election cycles, and I am excited to insure that continues.


Diz Swift - Action CoordinatorDiz Swift, Director
I have been the Voter and Web Editor, founded, with Janice Blumenkrantz,  our Climate Change Team and served a few years ago as Action Coordinator on the Board. I am  the primary voice behind the new website Price on Carbon.  I trained as a scientist (PhD geology) retired from over 30 years working primarily for Chevron in minerals and oil & gas exploration and production in many different capacities and at various levels of management. Until I retired in 2004, I didn’t think that climate change was a “real” problem. Since retirement I have been studying climate change, and now understand how serious the situation is.  To share the information,  I now lecture on the risks of climate change, its causes and potential solutions, especially working to build an understanding among other skeptics. For the past 5 years I have lectured on climate change and its impacts on business at the NYU Stern Business School and  to other universities and other groups.



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