LWVBAE Delegates at LWVUS Convention 2014

Convention 2014 delegates-smOur six delegates at convention in Dallas in June in one of the plenary sessions where most of us campaigned on the floor and off for LWVBAE priorities. Carol Stone, Diz Swift and Janice Blumenkrantz [on left] worked for national League to take even stronger steps to curb climate change–by putting a price on carbon. Li-hsia Wang [peeking over Janice’s shoulder] worked off the floor building the national coalition for single payer options in state Affordable Care Act programs. Nancy¬† Bickel and Pat Kuhi to get two proposals to the floor for discussion–a study of the impact of economic inequality on our democracy and a concurrence on a living wage.¬† Although the second proposal won a majority of delegate votes; adoption of a concurrence requires a 2/3 vote. So the campaign continues.

Nancy Bickel, president@lwvbae.org

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