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ABAG-MTC Consolidation
LWVBA has been involved as a “Non-Governmental Organization” in the process to assess the consolidation of the ABAG and MTC planning staff, and potential future merger. We were interviewed by the consultants, Management Partners, and have made it clear that our vision is for a fully consolidated regional agency at some point. An Assembly Select Committee has been formed to also consider regional governance issues. More to come.

Bay Area League Day
Videos of our very successful 2016 Bay Area League Day “Reinventing Bay Area Transportation for the 21st Century” are available at lwvbayarea.org. Thanks to all who attended.

LWVBA Supports Bay Restoration Authority Ballot Measure AA – June, 2016 Ballot
LWV of the Bay Area has endorsed Measure AA, the $12 per parcel tax that will be on the June, 2016 ballot in all nine Bay Area counties. This measure needs 2/3 voter approval within the region to pass.

Our Bay Area positions support conservation and development of the SF Bay and enhancement and preservation of the Bay and its shorelines. LWVUS policies on climate change also support adaptation activities related to climate change, such as sea level rise. This measure will generate funding for restoration of San Francisco Bay wetlands, benefitting people, wildlife, and Bay economy.

Since the League was not among the original sponsors, we will not be taking any other major action. Because this is a regional measure, involving all nine counties, the LWVBA is the contact for the League related to any campaigning. We have asked the SF Bay Restoration Authority for improved procedures for project selection and oversight. Also, LWVBA will be preparing Pros and Cons for your use as soon as ballot arguments are filed.

– Linda Craig, LWVBA President


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