Lobby for Simpler Ballots, Initiative Reform

hand & ballotLWVC is cosponsoring SB 1253 (Steinberg), the Ballot Initiative Transparency Act (BITA), with California Common Cause, which will lead to simpler ballots using plain language, and more information for California voters.

Contact your Assembly member and tell them you support SB 1253.


What exactly will this bill do to reform the initiative process?

  • Ensure that ballot materials will be drafted in voter-friendly language
  • Make the Secretary of State‚Äôs website a one-stop shop for voter information on initiatives, including the top donors
  • Create more opportunity for public and legislative feedback by giving voters an opportunity to comment on initiatives before they are circulated, requiring earlier legislative hearings, and by allowing proponents to withdraw initiatives before ballots are printed

Read more about SB 1253, the Ballot Initiative Transparency Act (BITA).

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