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Events  & Program Team

Holiday Open House Friday, December 11, 6-9 pm: League volunteers needed to plan, provide snacks, hire a musician, and host this easy and friendly event.  Time: a few hours in November to plan, 2-5 hours to set up and host the event.  Contact: Angharad Jones, angharad29@gmail.com

Public Meeting Hosts, Moderators, Timekeepers, Question Reviewers, Note Takers throughout the year:  Time:  2-4 of your hours will help the League keep our high standards for outstanding meetings.  Contact: Lessly Field, program@lwvbae.org

Love to organize photos and images on the wall or in a scrapbook?  Artist, librarian, archivist skills? The big bulletin board in our office needs redesign and updating and our photos and scrapbooks need updating and organizing–in the digital and “real” world. Time: Can you give 2 hours for 2 weeks to update the office bulletin board? or some regular time to work on our photos and documents? Contact: Nancy Bickel, president@lwvbae.org

Copyeditors, Proofreaders, Editors: Our bi-monthly newsletter the Voter needs regular proofing; our Member Handbook needs updating. Time: depends on project eg 2-3 hours for 6 page Voter, every other month  Contact: Deborah Malbec, communications@lwvbae.org

Looking for something different? You can browse the frequently updated  list of “All Tasks and Jobs Needed”. Most jobs have a contact person with email address listed with them. If not, contact Nancy Bickel, president@lwvbae.org


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