League Supports Raising Emeryville Minimum Wage & Consulting with Stakeholders

6950693235_dd3fe517a0_zLWVBAE wrote and spoke to the Emeryville City Council supporting their proposal to raise the minimum wage in line with recent raises in nearby cities and encouraged them to listen to the views of all stakeholders–small businesspeople, workers and more–before make a decision. League President Nancy Bickel spoke to the Council on Tues., Feb 17 along with local workers, business owners and interested citizens.

Public Meetings to gather more views of stakeholders and the public will be held in next month or two.

The full letter,. dated Feb. 14, 2015, is below:

Dear Mayor Atkin and Council Members,

The League of Women Voters of Berkeley, Albany and Emeryville supports the proposal to raise the minimum wage in Emeryville to a level comparable to adjacent cities and to move toward a living wage. The wages of workers, public and private, in the city should be sufficient to actually live and support a family, without the worker having to hold more than one full time job and without having to supplement the family income with government subsidies for health care, food, housing and other essentials. If, for practical or political reasons, the City cannot reach this goal immediately, the minimum wage should continue to move toward the goal of a living wage as soon as possible.

We support a living wage for Emeryville based on the national League of Women Voters policy on Meeting Basic Human Needs, which states [our underlines]:

The League of Women Voters of the United States believes that one of the goals of social policy in the United States should be to promote self-sufficiency for individuals and families and that the most effective social programs are those designed to prevent or reduce poverty.

We understand that before making a final decision on this proposal, the City Council and the City Staff will give a full hearing to the points of view and the economic needs of all the stakeholders involved–including workers, small business people, large business people, customers and others and will adjust the proposal appropriately.


Nancy Bickel, President

Barb Singleton, Board Member



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