Primary Election Results

Vote with the League-2Unofficial election results show that the measures support by the League have passed. Measure AA received 74.5% yes votes; Proposition 41, 71% yes; Proposition 42, 66% yes.  For all results go to the Alameda County Registrar of Voters.

Measure AA would continue the current tax rate until 2034, it would start when the current tax, approved as Measure A in 2004 expires in 2019.  The tax income adds to money from other sources. It helps pay for emergency care, hospital care, outpatient care, and public health, mental health and substance abuse services for poor, homeless, low-income, and uninsured adults, children, families, seniors and other residents of Alameda County.  The money also helps prevent county clinics and hospitals from closing,

Our support was based on the following:
•  Alameda County continues to face diminished federal and state sources of health care funding which affects its ability to provide for the critical and urgent medical needs of low-income and uninsured adults, children, families and seniors.
•  Measure A funds helped stabilize the Alameda County Medical Center’s budget and expand its health care services, especially as a “safety net” medical center for the county.  Measure AA will continue the work of Measure A until 2034 without raising the tax.
•  Measure A funds are essential in supporting primary care clinics in targeted areas of need; Children’s and St. Rose Hospitals (both “safety net” hospitals); and school health clinics/services in schools throughout the county.  Measure AA will continue this assistance until 2034.

Yes on 42: LWV California has announced its support of the Yes on 42 Campaign for the Public’s Right to Know Act.  This constitutional amendment would enshrine local government transparency. Prop 42, which will appear on the June 2014 statewide ballot, is common sense reform to give taxpayers a constitutional right to attend local government meetings and review information about what local governments are doing with our money.

The measure protects both the Ralph M. Brown Open Meetings Act and the California Public Records Act – the most critical laws in place that protect citizens’ right to know what our government is doing and how it is doing it.

“Prop 42 is common sense reform to ensure taxpayers the right to attend local government meetings and see the documents in order to know what is happening and how decisions are being made. We need to see what is going on in local government in order to be informed voters, as well as to hold our elected officials accountable,” said Jennifer A. Waggoner, President, League of Women Voters of California.

“Without Prop 42, Californians will never fully know what’s happening in their local governments and agencies,” said Phillip Ung, spokesperson for California Forward Action Fund. “After all the scandals we’ve had in California cities like Bell, where there was widespread abuse and mismanagement of taxpayer dollars, it’s clear that citizens need to have access to public meetings and records.”

Yes on Prop. 41: The Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Bond Act of 2014. LWVC supports California selling $600 million in new general obligation bonds to fund affordable multifamily housing for low-income veterans.  Previous Veterans bond measures have been to support purchase of houses by veterans; this measure would provide housing for poor and homeless veterans by providing rental housing.  The government and thus, taxpayers, would pay for the bonds, rather than the veterans themselves.

The League strongly supports providing housing for low-income and homeless individual and families. California veterans, who have served and sacrificed for our country, should certainly have secure housing.  Many have not had and do not have such housing at present.

By using previously approved but unsold bond funds, Proposition 41 will not create new taxes or add new debt to California.


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