League-supported Redistricting Measure at Open Government Commission

The proposal of a City Charter amendment and paired ordinance to establish an independent citizens redistricting commission is likely to be adopted by the Open Government Commission at its next meeting and be forwarded to the City Council for action to place it on the November 2016 ballot.  The proposal has been reviewed and modified in discussions of a commission sub-committee with the City Clerk and City attorney, but still largely resembles the proposal supported by the League before the 2014 election and again more recently and originally drafted by the joint efforts of Council Members Laurie Capitelli and Jesse Arreguin.

The proposal adopts some of the procedures used by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission–strongly and repeated supported by LWVC–to prevent political influence by either party or any elected officials or candidates. City elected and appointed officials, their staff members, their campaign officials, their families are among those who may not serve. Applicants living in each City Council district will be reviewed by the City Clerk to ensure their eligibility, then chosen randomly from each district pool. Anyone who served on the Commission may not run for City Council or Mayor for two campaign cycles after his or her service.

One provision that has been debated is whether citizens serving on other city commissions may apply to the redistricting commission and, if selected, may then resign from the commission.  In addition,  those who serve on the commission may be appointed to another city commission once their service on the redistricting commission is complete.  Earlier versions of the proposal required that, to be appointed to the redistricting commission, a citizen could not have served on another commission for 2 or 5 years and could not serve on a commission after serving on the redistricting commission for 2 years.


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