League Supports Ballot Measures Nov 2014: 2, 47, BB, D, F,O,LL,K, U & V

League supports the following Measures

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Measure D: Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Products     SUPPORT
Sugary beverages are linked to diabetes and heart disease. A panel of experts would oversee spending to make sure it goes to educate families and children about healthy eating. Big Soda aggressively markets such beverages to children.

Measure F:  Increasing the Parks, Trees, and Landscaping Maintenance Tax SUPPORT
The current tax is not enough to keep facilities in good condition. The City and injured citizens pay when parks are not maintained. If F doesn’t pass, parks will continue to deteriorate. Parks are wonderful assets; we need to protect them for the future.

Measure O: Recall of Elective Officers  SUPPORT
O modernizes the City Charter to conform to State law and prevents costly special elections. It is a “clean up” law.

Measure S   NEUTRAL
Despite the League’s name being mentioned in the proponent ballot argument for this measure, the League had no substantive role in the redistricting process and is neutral on this measure.
The League has no recommendations on this or the other Berkeley measures.



Measure LL: Parcel Tax Renewal for Albany Schools      SUPPORT
The League supports maintaining the same level of funding to preserve and support current school programs, even though a court decision requires raising the residential tax rate.


Measure K:  Parcel Tax Renewal for Emery Schools     SUPPORT
The League supports the twenty year extension of the tax to preserve and support local programs for students.

Measure U: Change Emeryville to a Charter City    SUPPORT

The League supports U because Emeryville lost state redevelopment agency funding and needs the power of being a charter city to replace revenues through a local real property transfer tax.

Measure V: Adopt a Local Real Property Tax and Set a New Rate    SUPPORT
The League supports V so the City can set its own tax rate. V would bring in substantial funds to support City services, replacing the lost redevelopment funds.



Measure BB: Alameda County Transportation Sales Tax        SUPPORT
The Alameda County Council of Leagues of Women Voters supports BB, which would increase the current half-cent per dollar sales tax for transportation and infrastructure to one cent. We need to repair and improve our city and country streets and our transit system. The proposed projects include paratransit, youth bus passes and other good features.



PROP 2: Rainy Day Fund—State Budget Reserves        SUPPORT
The California League supports Prop 2 because it takes an important step toward fiscal discipline in our state government. It requires the State to make contributions to its rainy day reserve fund and pay down debts and liabilities when times are good, with increased contributions in years when revenues spike upwards. In bad times, those reserves can be used to reduce cuts in spending on schools, health care, public safety, and other vital services. Prop 2 requires joint action of the Governor and the Legislature to reduce the amount put in or to take money out of the rainy day fund.
PROP 47: Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act        SUPPORT
Prop 47 will ensure that prison spending is focused on violent and serious offenses and will provide alternatives for non-serious, nonviolent crime. The savings generated will be invested in prevention and support programs in K-12 schools, victim services, and mental health and drug treatment. Prop 47 will change low-level nonviolent crimes such as simple drug possession and petty theft from felonies to misdemeanors; sentences for people convicted of dangerous crimes like rape, murder, and child molestation will not be changed. The League believes alternatives to imprisonment should be explored and utilized, taking into consideration the circumstances and nature of the crime.

The League has no recommendations on other state ballot measures.

The League never supports or opposes candidates.

  • For a full and fair analysis of the measures and your personalized ballot from the League of Women Voters of California Education Fund: smartvoter.org or votersedge.org
  • For more info on the California League’s support positions: cavotes.org


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