League Decides on Local Ballot Action; will Support BB, Cnty Transportation Tax

Vote with the League!The Vote with the League flyer is now available.   We support Berkeley Measures D (Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Products), F (Increasing the Parks, Trees, and Landscape Maintenance Tax) and O (Recall of Elective Officers); Albany Measure LL (Parcel Tax Renewal for Albany Schools); and Emeryville Measures K (Parcel Tax Renewal for Emeryville Schools), U (Change Emeryville to a Charter City), and V (Adopt a Local Real Property Tax and Set a New Rate).   We also support Alameda County Measure BB (Alameda County Transportation Sales Tax), and State Propositions 2 (Rainy Day Fund – State Budget Reserves) and 47 (State Neighborhoods and Schools Act).

The League of Women Voters of Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville along with the Alameda County Council of Leagues of Women Voters voted to support the Alameda Country Transportation Sales Tax, to be known as Measure BB, which would increase the current half cent per dollar sales tax for transportation and infrastructure to one cent. At its meeting the Council of the Leagues in Alameda County found that 5 of the 6 Leagues voting on the measure did vote to support it, thus achieving the necessary super-majority of county Leagues. Participating Leagues are our own League, LWVBAE, and the Leagues of the City of Alameda, Oakland, Piedmont, Hayward and the League of Fremont, Union City and Newark. [Although the Livermore-Amador Valley League is in Alameda County, it did not participate in the vote.]

The LWVBAE Board also voted to support the following Berkeley measures: the “soda tax”, a general tax on distributors of sugar-sweetened beverages; to increase the “Parks Tax,” the existing Special Tax Supporting Parks, Playgrounds, City Trees and Landscaping Operations and Maintenance; and the Charter “housekeeping” measure that would bring Berkeley’s Recall Provisions in line with state law and recent court decisions.

The League will remain neutral on the “downtown initiative,” the Initative Ordinance Amending Downtown Zoning Provisions and creating Civic Center Historic District Overlay Zone. The Board took no position at this time on the “redistricting plan,” the Referendum on the Adjustment of the Berkeley City Council District Boundaries.

The League has no relevant positions on either of the advisory measures and therefore will have no positions on either the Constitutional Amendment to Eliminate Corporate Personhood or the Advisory Initiative Measure Supporting Passage of Local and Federal Laws Allowing Workers to Request to Work Part-Time.

The Board voted to support the Albany School Parcel Tax. If the final language of the measures is acceptable, LWVBAE will support the Emeryville measure to become a charter city and the related measure adopting a property transfer tax. The Board will consider the Emeryville school parcel tax after the School Directors have adopted it.

The League will continue, as it has always done, to publish balanced pro-con analyses of the ballot measures, run non-partisan candidates forums and pro-con issues meetings. Any advocacy on particular issues is carried out separately from its voter education work.


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