Join Us for Program Planning Jan 14, 2014

Statue-of-Liberty-USA-427140Join us January 14 to decide what issues our League wants to emphasize, what we want to publicize, lobby about, spend our time and money on, or study.  On January 14 we will meet to decide, not only for our League, but also to recommend what we feel are important issues for national and Bay Area.

Should we continue to focus on climate change, health care and education at the local level?  Or is another issue more important?

In national issues, should we continue to focus on protecting and engaging voters, reforming money in politics, defending the environment, and gun safety?   Or should the national League shift attention to something else? 

Are there local or national issues that you think we should be able to take action on but can’t because we never studied them or because our positions are out of date?

Come   prepared:    You’ll   need   to   come    prepared   to strongly  support  your  recommendation  with  known  LWV policy positions.  You can find positions at the following links:


LWV Alameda County

LWV Bay Area

LWV California


We do program planning every January. This is your chance, as a member, to bring your ideas to your League colleagues, to present and perhaps fight for them.  If you really want your proposal to succeed, bring a brief written statement that mentions all the existing League positions that might apply to your issue, and states why we should focus on this issue – or study it.

If you want to study a new issue or update an old position, you need to give answers to some important questions, including:

  • Is there someone to chair the study?
  • Are there people to serve on the study committee?
  • Why is this issue urgent?
  • Are there other groups working on the issue?
  • Is the League uniquely appropriate to make a difference on this issue?

We will devote our monthly “Conversation” on Tuesday, January 14 to these discussions.  Come join us at the Albany Public Library’s Edith Stone Room, from noon to 2:00p.

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