Sign up Now for Voter Registration and Community Outreach Event!

cartoon for Voter RegistrationBerkeley Sunday Streets October 18 from 11 am to 5 pm. We need 3-4 volunteers for 2-hour shifts — about 24 volunteers. The setup shift starts at 10 am, we open at 11 am. Email event leader Ruby MacDonald,¬† or sign up directly by clicking here.

To step up our game, we need Volunteers to cover Action, Program, as well as Voter Registration.
This is the last event of the summer festival season. We are not just registering voters. We are out there to “sell” the League. We are expanding beyond traditional voter registration to let people know what great work the League is doing. Our Teams will bring handouts on Action issues, Program events & studies, and Membership¬† to publicize our work, our plans, and attract new members.


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