Join the League – First Year Offer

LWV LogoIf you’re joining the League for the first time, you have the option this year of joining for FREE

Regular and Returning Member                 $75
Additional Household Member                   $40
Student Member                                         $20
First Year Membership Option                   FREE
Affiliate  Non-Voting Members under 16    FREE

Please Tell Us Issues You Care Most About:

√            Fighting/Ensuring Disclosure of Money in Politics
√            Protecting Right to Vote from Voter Suppression
√            Working for Single Payer Health Care
√            Fighting Against Global Warming
√            Help Students Participate & Understand Government
√            Reform CA Tax and Budget System
√            Other

Please Tell Us Activities You’d Like to Join:

√            Discuss Policy Issues
√            Hear Speakers on Policy Issues
√            Work with a Committee
√            Organize Community with/for League
√            Receive/respond to Email Lobbying Alerts
√            Lobby Legislators on League Issues
√            Train as a Speaker on League Issues
√            Join Telephone Tree to Remind Members of Events
√            Work on Community Luncheon Planning
√            Write/Edit for League Publications and Website
√            Design/Photograph for League Publications and Website
√            Train League Members in Needed Skills
√            Provide Office, Computer, Other Help
√            Other

Please sign up as a new member online at   Just fill in the form, click submit and you are done. If you are not able to sign up online, send your request with your Full Name, Address, Phone and Email to LWVBAE, 2530 San Pablo Ave. Suite F, Berkeley, CA 94702-2000

Telephone: 510-843-8824


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