Judicial Elections: What You Need to Know

Informed Voters_edited-1We need to keep our judicial system fair and beyond the influence of special interest money.  January 15, 9:00am, see a powerful video on judicial elections.

Education is key; lack of knowledge threatens fair and impartial courts, which are the cornerstone of American democracy.

The League of Women Voters has partnered with the National Association of Women Judges and several other organizations to educate voters about a number of issues:

  • The role of judges and courts in our American tripartite system of government
  • The importance of the state courts to voters’ communities, safety, families and jobs
  • How a state’s judicial selection and election systems work
  • The qualities that make a good judge — fairness, impartiality, and a willingness to decide cases based on the evidence presented, not on political or special interest agendas or out of fear of unpopularity
  • The need to learn about candidates qualifications and elect judges who reflect the qualities described above

California Justice McConnell and the National Association of Women Judges have partnered with Justice Sandra Day O‚Connor to produce a powerful video on judicial elections; and they join in inviting you to the virtual opening for the film on January 15th at 9:00am PST!

Click here to see the virtual premier on January 15th at 9:00am PST.

Hosted by LexisNexis, the virtual premier marks the official launch of “Informed Voters – Fair Judges,” a non partisan voter education project to increase public awareness about the judicial system, to inform voters that politics and special interest attacks have no place in the courts, and to give voters the tools they need to exercise an informed vote in favor of fair and impartial courts.

Please plan to join NAWJ, LWV and other project partners to preview campaign materials and find out how you can get involved!

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