How to Track Berkeley City Government

If you’d like to know more about what’s going on in Berkeley,
you can follow Berkeley City Council, Boards and Commissions on line through their agendas, minutes and and on line  simultaneous audio casts on KPFB and videocasts on local cable 33 and, after the fact, video recordings, keyed to agenda items, on the City of Berkeley website.

Berkeleyside, our daily on-line news source for Berkeley,
does a great preview of highlights of each Council meeting agenda, as well as reports on newsworthy decisions at Council and elsewhere. You can also subscribe and get an email with top stories sent to you each day, as I do.  Look on the lower right of our Home page to see links for the news sources we suggest for following local news. You can also set a google

I quote below from a recent memo from the City.

Check out the City Clerk’s Agenda Page to examine agendas, including the September 29 regular and special meeting agendas released yesterday. Hard copies can be reviewed at the Main Library (2090 Kittredge Street) or at the City Clerk Department (2180 Milvia Street). Unclear what happened? Check out the annotated agenda onthe agenda page to see the minutes of what occurred.

The agenda sets a roadmap for discussion for each Council meeting and lists a summary of every action up for debate and adoption.  The agenda contains a list of items – each with a description of the recommended action and the contact information for the sponsoring elected official, commission, or city department.


Nancy Bickel, President

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