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votersedge-california-square-100-@2xYour new League source for all unbiased election information is:

Voter’s Edge California is produced by LWVC and MapLight and replaces Smart Voter. Voter’s Edge California will give you all the excellent information Smart Voter supplied – your voting location and ballot, nonpartisan information about candidates and ballot measures.

MapLight provides information about where candidates and ballot measures are getting their money. For more information, see the story by Abigail Bok, LWVBAE’s Voter’s Edge California Coordinator.

Ballot Measures

In this report, we will provide high-level information for the Ballot Measures. The League’s summaries, pros & cons, and action positions will be distributed first at the Annual Meeting on May 19th and then will be available online. The LWV California Easy Voter also will be available at the Annual Meeting.

State of California Proposition 50

Suspension of Legislators. Adds rules to the state Constitution about how to suspend state lawmakers, not just how to expel them. Suspension would require a 2/3 vote of fellow lawmakers, and the suspended lawmaker’s salary and benefits could be taken away during the period of the suspension. See: More about Prop 50

Alameda County Measure AA: San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority “Clean and Healthy Bay”
A $12 per year parcel tax on property in counties surrounding San Francisco Bay (including Alameda County) to provide revenue earmarked for the restoration of wetlands around the Bay. See: LWV Bay Area Supports Measure AA

Albany Unified School District Measure B: $70 Million Bond Authorization:
Allow the Albany Unified School District to issue $70 Million in bonds to rebuild Marin and Ocean View elementary schools to meet current seismic and other standards.

Albany Unified School District Measure E
$25 Million Bond Authorization. Allow the Albany Unified School District to issue $25 Million in bonds to replace old portables with modern classrooms and build new classrooms to relieve over crowding.

– Phyllis Gale, Voter Services

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