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Golden Gate Bridge lit up at night from Marshall Beach


The Bay Area League and its magazine the Bay Area Monitor are powerful but hidden treasures of our multilevel League organization. LWV Bay Area is an inter-league organization and, as such, the 20 local leagues in the 9 county region are its members. Its work is carried out by a board, with help from representatives from local leagues. It has several committees that observe and advocate on specific issues. For example, the Climate Change Team meets the 4th Wed of each month from 1:30-3 at our own office in collaboration with our local Team, chaired by Regina Beatus.

LWVBAE’s local rep or liaison is Regina Beatus, whose job is to report to our board and members on LWVBA’s activities and represent us to the BA Board. Three LWVBAE members serve on the board: Eloise Bodine is Treasurer, Sherry Smith serves as Education Fund VP and oversees the Monitor Project, Janice Blumenkrantz is Air Quality and Climate Change Director.
Bay Area Monitor Covers The Bay Area Monitor, edited by Alec MacDonald, includes thoughtful reports on key regional issues. You can read or subscribe to the on-line edition at http://bayareamonitor.org/ The Dec 2015-Jan 2016 issue includes:

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