Environmental Concerns Speakers Series January – February

February 8, 2016

jerryEast Bay Hills Vegetation and Fire History
Jerry Kent, Former assistant general manager of the East Bay Regional Park District

How the East Bay got its eucalyptus and pine forests, and the benefits and responsibilities of owning urban forests. 

When early white settlers came to the Bay Area, they were enamored with its climate but missed the tall hardwood trees of the East Coast and launched large scale tree planting projects across the region that have become our neighborhood forests. The eucalyptus tree planting project was abandoned shortly after the turn of the century when it was discovered the trees did not produce quality lumber, but the forests are still with us, creating fire hazards and ecological concerns that East Bay residents must face. Join us for a presentation from Jerry Kent, former assistant general manager of the East Bay Regional Park District, who will address East Bay Hills vegetation and fire history, including introduction and proliferation of blue gum eucalyptus trees across the East Bay and how the planting of the fast-growing Australian tree has transformed the natural ecology of the Bay including the fire landscape.


Past  Meeting:

January 11, 2016

COP21-Paris-LogoReporting on COP21 Climate Talks
Claire Greensfelder, Women’s Global Call for Climate Justice and
Tom Kelly, KyotoUSA

The COP21 climate talks concluded mid-December with much political celebration and an equal if not greater amount of criticism for not going far enough. To better understand the outcomes from Paris, join us for a presentation from Claire Greensfelder, from the Women’s Global Call for Climate Justice, a coalition of more than 24 international environmental, women’s and human rights networks from across the world; and Tom Kelly, executive director and founder of KyotoUSA, a non-profit that encourages local governments, school districts and communities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Both were in Paris for the climate talks and will share what it was like both inside and outside the official meeting.


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