Envir. Concerns: Michael Wehner, Extreme Weather in a Changing Climate

Join Us at LWVBAE Environmental Concerns Speaker Series, Extreme Weather  in a Changing Climate, Monday, March 10, 2014  7:30-9:00 p.m.

Michael Wehner is a staff member at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory who does climate modeling with the fastest computer in the world doing such calculations. They are currently modelling in blocks as small as 25 km on a side, an area about 1/25 that of previous computer studies.  It appears that generally predictions are holding up with higher spatial resolution, giving even more reason to believe the previous more coarse predictions.  In addition, they are concentrating on extremes, using statistical methods designed specifically for looking at the tails of distributions.

His talk about “Extreme Weather in a Changing Climate”. will explain how extremes are expected to get worse as temperature rises; wet will become wetter, dry drier.  Because of increased temperatures, agricultural areas will become drier so that agricultural practices will have to be changed to prevent dust bowls in the midwest.  Join us for a provocative discussion.

1174 Euclid Avenue (at Chrystal Way, just north of Eunice) in north Berkeley (house is set back from the street. Go through the gate on the path from the street), the home of Jeanette Zerneke and Mark Nyman.  Contacts: Carol Stone  seastone11@hotmail.com Gail Schickele  gails@bayarea.net

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