Economic Inequality Team Report 2014-15

pat kuhiAt its 2014-15 meetings, the Team: 1) studied all aspects of the problem and looked for gaps in LWVUS positions which prevent the League from addressing the whole scope of economic inequality and 2) searched the news media for articles on the topic to put on our webpage at for League members and the public.

The Team initially supported efforts for a state Study on Raising the Minimum Wage/Support for a Living Wage, but the successful effort of LWVBAE and many Leagues at the LWVUS Convention in 2014 that prompted the national Board to permit local and state Leagues to use the “Meeting Human Needs” study to lobby in support of raising minimum wages and living wages made it unnecessary to do such a study. [Details on Meeting Human Needs Team Page.]

We developed a list of causes of the present economic inequality and began to describe various aspects of the problem, such as: the shrinking of the middle class; homelessness; housing, education, and legislative gambits by supporters of the top 1% to protect their financial interests.

All members of the Team were required to read at least one of the following: Robert Reich, Aftershock, the Next Economy and America’s Future, 2013; Thomas Piketty. Capital in the Twenty-First Century, Harvard U. Press, 2014; Elizabeth Warren, A Fighting Chance, publication April 22, 2014 or Joseph Stiglitz, The Price of Inequality: How today’s Divided Society Endangers our Future,  2012

Several members attended a Forum on Income Inequality organized by the Eden Area League. Helene Lecar wrote a comprehensive report of the Forum which will soon appear on the webpage.

Pat Kuhi, chair of  the Economic Inequality Discussion Team,

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