Attend Bay Area League Day Feb 6, 2016 9-2:30

Golden Gate Bridge lit up at night from Marshall Beach


Bay Area League Day in 2016 will look into Reinventing Bay Area Transportation for the 21st Century. The meeting begins at 9 am with registration and refreshments at Maple Hall, 13837 San Pablo Ave, which is located at Alvarado Square inside the City Hall Complex at 13831 San Pablo Ave, in the City of San Pablo. The venue is served by AC Transit bus routes 72 and 76, and features onsite parking.

“This meeting always astonishes me: outstanding speakers offer fascinating info and policy analysis. They always leave me wanting to know more!” says Nancy Bickel, president of LWVBAE.

Join fellow League members as our keynote speaker, state Senator Jim Beall, and our three panels of experts, speak about funding, technology and how to change the culture of transportation planning in the coming years. One theme followed throughout the forum will be how these topics affect Social Equity – is social equity overlooked in funding efforts? how can tech serve the underserved ? how can we make access affordable for all?

Detailed Agenda:

Panel 1: – Allowance? Passing the hat for funding

Tess Lengyel – Alameda County Transportation Commission Funding: Are Self-Help Taxes Helpful or Enough?

Alix Bockelman – Metropolitan Transportation Commission Infrastructure: How Do You Prioritize Upkeep Versus Expansion?

Richard Marcantonio – Public Advocates Social Equity: Is Social Equity Overlooked in Funding Proposals?

Panel 2: – Innovation & Technology – Back to the Future

Steve Raney – Joint Venture Silicon Valley’s Mobility: Last Mile Problem – What Are Some Solutions?

Joël Ramos – TransForm Social Equity: How Do We Make Tech Serve the Underserved?

Adam Stocker – UCB Transportation Sustainability Research Center Technology: What Will the Highway of the Future Look Like?

Panel 3: – Who Moved My Cheese? How and Where do We Change the Culture?

Mary Lim-Lampe – Genesis: Crystal Ball: Can Agencies Be Agents for Change?

Krute Singa – San Francisco Department of the Environment Social Equity: How Do We Make Access Affordable for All?

John Boesel – CALSTART Drones vs Semis: How Do We Change the Way We Deliver Goods?

Fees for lunch and attendance:  $40 ($25 without lunch) at the door.

Note: If you would like a ride, contact

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