“Your Votes Crush Big Money” Seeks Cartoonist or Animator

Do you like the idea shown in the video below?  Help us find a skillful cartoonist or animator to bring it alive effectively, so we can use it in our register and vote campaigns for the 2016 California election.  And if you have ideas to improve this version, tell me at president@lwvbae.org.   Your votes deflate/defeat big money? or?

“Big Money Crushes Democracy,” a 4 panel comic strip and potential animated message, won the award for the most effective idea in the “Communications: Messages that Move” workshop and the state league convention in 2015.  Nancy Bickel*, inspired by the discussions with a team  working on creating an effective message about money in politics, came up with the idea. Other team members, above from left, were Bonnie Hamlin, Alice Fried, Max Beckman-Hained, and Gloria Anderson. Mony Flores-Bauer, LWVC Director, drew the charming cartoons. The team was participating in a two part workshop led by Sara Diefendorf, Director, LWVC, third from left and Elizabeth Leslie, Communications Manager, far left. The Team hope to work with Elizabeth Leslie, on far leftand others at LWVC.  The video was made by Carol Stone, LWVBAE.

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