Community Choice Energy for Alameda County

On Tuesday, October 11, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the start of phase two and phase three of Community Choice Energy.

There will be a local development business plan completed within 8 months and no more than 1.6% of the portfolio will be unbundled RECs (unbundled Renewable Energy Credits which are a form of greenwashed fossil fuel energy are considered not worthy of a CCE).

Also, a 9-member community advisory board will be seated, though it will not have voting power. And last but not least, the county agreed to include language in the governing documents addressing workers’ collective bargaining rights and right to a “just transition” to a clean energy economy.

At the meeting there was an impressive turnout of labor and environmental justice supporters who were on message and united. It is estimated that CCE could be operational in Alameda County by October 2017, one year from now.

–Carol Stone

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