Community Choice Aggregation

CCACommunity Choice Aggregation (CCA), also called Community Choice Energy, is a complex issue.  Essentially CCA allows cities and counties to buy electricity on the open market rather than from just one utility, choosing preferentially energy from renewable sources and, ideally, energy produced locally.  In November, the Berkeley City Council passed unanimously a grant of $8,600 for CCA outreach and education.

The Community Choice Energy subgroup of the Berkeley Climate Action coalition will be working on a brochure, outreach, and a community forum on CCA (see also story page 3).

A Community Choice program would be an alternative energy service provider, with the intent to integrate energy supply with demand reduction in a manner that meets community goals related to climate action, employment creation, price stability and local control.  This would provide electricity customers with an alternative provider option to PG&E, the incumbent investor-owned utility.

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