Communications, Communications, Communications!

Want Communicationsa vibrant, self-sustaining League?  For that we need growth – growth both by adding new members and growth in the participation of current members.

New Members.  New Ideas.  To attract new members, we are using a variety of social media:

Facebook:  JOIN the group.  Then post about your own activities and read about others.

TwitterFollow us @lwvbae.

Meetup is a website that helps people meet others with similar interests, and then shares announcements of events.  Click on the link to see our League’s own Meetup group.  Join and encourage your friends to join too.

More Active Members.  Build Your Skills; Build the League; Help Make Democracy Work!   It’s not all work, it’s fun too – and rewarding.  We are breaking down jobs so that members can be active while not committing to long- term projects.  See our web page for a partial list of open jobs – or create your own job.

Are you interested in a topic we don’t currently work on?  Start your own team!  Just get a couple of other members to join you and off you go!

For comments, questions, suggestions, or to get started, contact the Communications Team at  or Deborah Malbec at

Or join your Communications Team!  The current team is: Jeanette Zerneke and Gail Schickele – co-VOTER editors, Adena Ishii – Social Media,  Cynthia Chen – Press Releases, Linda Carothers – Web Master, Deborah Malbec – Eblasts, Web and Co-ordinator, and Nancy Bickel – President.

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