Lobbying and Communicating Environmental Issues Effectively, Monday, Apr 11, 7:30 pm

Tonight at 7:30 pm, Sarah Diefendorf, LWVC board member, will discuss how to “message the environment” more effectively to legislators and the public.  She will give some history of the LWV on climate change issues. A Q & A will give attendees the opportunity to improve their own effectiveness in addressing climate change.  League members and members of other organizations as well as the public are welcome.

“Sarah’s a remarkable trainer.” said Nancy Bickel, LWVBAE President, “I participated in her training at state convention. We were inspired by her training to think in a fresh and effective way about how to reach an audience. We won an award.  I urge you to attend.”

Sarah Diefendorf  serves as Executive Director of the Environmental Finance Center West located at Dominican University of California and University of Maryland. In that capacity, she works with indigenous people in California, New Mexico, Arizona, Hawaii, and Nevada to promote green business enterprises, improve their capacity for long-term sustainability, and protect their sovereignty. Sarah has also supported Tribal efforts to develop integrated waste programs, transfer stations, and recycling programs and has recently been funded by the Bureau of Indian Affairs to help develop a Tribal Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment program for the Native American Environmental Protection Coalition.

Internationally, Ms. Diefendorf is working on the following three waste reduction projects in Mexico: 1) helping the Tijuana Compost Center develop a sustainable business and marketing plan to divert food and green waste from local landfills, 2) assisting USEPA with community outreach and education in Mexicali to help border neighborhoods protect their local watershed, and 3) developing a sustainable materials management symposium to be held in the border region in fall 2015.

She also serves as a national Leadership Trainer for the Environmental Finance Center Network (a community of ten universities throughout the United States) and in that capacity has provided multiple workshops for water systems, elected officials, and other government representatives from small and rural communities across the country.

Since 2001, Sarah has worked as a Grassroots Capacity Building Trainer for the League of Women Voters of the United States and has worked with marginalized communities in Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Armenia, Jordan, Tunisia, and Jamaica. Sarah is a past president of the San Francisco League, a past 2nd vice president of the National League, and currently serves on the California League state board. She is also the board president for the Carbon Cycle Institute and is working with that institute to promote the use of compost as a carbon sequestration tool in the US and abroad. Sarah serves as an expert witness on the USEPA Environmental Finance Advisory Board.

Location will be in the private home at 1174 Euclid Avenue (at Chrystal Way, just north of Eunice) in north Berkeley (house is set back from the street. Go through the gate on the path from the street), to find the home of Jeanette Zerneke and Mark Nyman. Enter through the rear door at end of driveway.

Contacts: Carol Stone 510-549-0959 or  seastone11@hotmail.com or    Gail Schickele 415-922-5826 or  gails@bayarea.net


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