Climate Disruption. September 8 at 7:30

DisruptionClimate Disruption.  Environmental Concerns presents the movie on September 8 at 7:30.

The People’s Climate March this September 21 in New York City is already inspiring countless artists. We’ve seen iconic posters, street art, banners, social media memes, songs — even an artistic flotilla of paper boats!  Now the People’s Climate March has a movie too, and you’re one of the very first people to see it.

Disruption weaves together political intrigue, mind-blowing science, and an insider’s view of the largest climate mobilization in history.  It features some folks you might find familiar (like Bill McKibben and Naomi Klein), and brings some fresh faces and exciting new stories to the fore.

The timing couldn’t be better.  This fall, the climate movement is going to be standing shoulder to shoulder to demand change. On September 21st — just before the U.N Climate Summit in New York City — the People’s Climate March will bring us together for an historic convergence.  

Movies are one of the most powerful forms of communication, and we hope this one will be a powerful tool. Join us to watch on September 8th as part of our “speaker series” at 7:30-9:00 p.m.  All are welcome.

1174 Euclid Avenue (at Chrystal Way, just north of Eunice) in north Berkeley (house is set back from the street. Go through the gate on the path from the street).

Contact: Carol Stone 510-549-0959,, or Gail Schickele 415-922-5826,

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